Thursday, February 6, 2020

Guadalcanal Battle Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Guadalcanal Battle - Essay Example After the victory at ‘Battle of Midway’ American forces started planning for recapturing of Pacific Islands from Japanese. The first event in this direction was the Guadalcanal battle. The use of islands, like Guadalcanal, Tulagi and Florida in Southern Solomon by Japanese forces was proving a major threat to supply routes between USA, Australia and New Zealand. The battle began for the sole purpose of ensuring safety for these routes.There was difference of opinion in Japan over the importance of this island. While many army officers thought it better to manage the existing and over-stretched empire, the other faction wanted further territorial expansion. This could be a reason for the Japanese lacking the will to counter allied attacks at Guadalcanal. Leading the attack on August 07, 1942, allied forces expected stiff resistance from Japanese army, but the tactical combined approach by allied forces took the other side by complete surprise and they did not find any res istance from Japanese. This boosted the will of allied forces to head for all-out victory. Although the rough climate and weather caused communication and operational problems for Americans, there was no fighting on the island for almost 24 hours, after the attack. However, the following days   witnessed severe fighting as Japanese cruiser force attack eventually threw the Allied forces out of the reach of the crucial Guadalcanal airfield.Such disarray within Japanese forces was the major element for American victory.... The rough terrain faced by Japanese was another factor for the American victory, as Japanese forces were down with fatigue and could not prove their mettle in counter-offensive attacks. Such disarray within Japanese forces was the major element for American victory. (The Battle of Guadalcanal) Lessons learnt The lessons from this battle have relevance to current defense preparations by the US. Various defense studies have reinforced the fact that America cannot afford to neglect events in the Pacific region, if the country has to safeguard its economic and security interests. With China increasing its military might and economic hold on world trade, the importance of Pacific region is still high on the American defense agenda. The challenges posed by many nations towards ‘anti-access’ or ‘area –denial’ strategies for Americans still pose threats to the country’s security. These causes lead to the battle of Guadalcanal, forcing Americans to reca pture strategic Pacific islands from Japan, during world war. They are important even today. (Holzer) Logistics of the area remains a challenge, irrespective of the development of modern weaponry with latest technology. Supply routes are vulnerable even today. The time and distance involved with any military operations in the area has relevance even today, as the forces need to access the rough vast terrain of the region. The lessons learnt by marines and sailors during Guadalcanal battle have been relevant for all the following campaigns in Pacific region. The policy changes for Asia-pacific, including military strategies have been influenced by such lessons, being relevant for Marine and Naval Corps in 2012, as well. (Holzer) Examples of intelligence failures Command and control

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